November 3, 2020 Four Columns Marketing

The Race for Results: What Matters Most for Private Equity-Owned Companies

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All business owners are concerned about driving bottom-line results. 

Oftentimes in small to medium-sized businesses, consistent day-to-day analyses of functionality, efficiency and ROI isn’t always a top priority. You might receive a financial report once a month or so to help identify what to work on from a financial perspective. Paying attention to actual results of a business can vary significantly depending on the size and structure of a company, but when a private equity firm steps in to invest, the level of urgency and attention to metrics, reporting and results is suddenly heightened. 

Companies reliant on private equity firms are keenly focused on results and doing whatever it takes to reach identified goals. The people running your business’ contributing private equity firm are committed to hammering on reports of daily activity––and understandably so. They need to verify that the money they’re pouring in is being put to good use without wasting anyone’s time or resources. For PE-owned businesses ranging from $1 million to $100 million actual metrics and results of marketing should drive your team to not only meet but exceed expectations. 

When a business is financed independently and without the help of a private equity firm, they’re forced to adopt an urgency in the activity of actually keeping things afloat in the day-to-day. This takes priority over actual analysis and acting on metrics of business––this is true for marketing, as well. While marketing is afoot, people aren’t focused on what is stemming from it, such as tangible, measurable results and ROI. 

In these SMB’s, it’s a conversation that happens once per quarter or even once per year. For private equity-owned firms, it’s a conversation that happens monthly or even weekly. Having a definitive handle on marketing strategy, execution of tactics and evidence of results is critical to maintaining a working relationship with your investors.

Here at Four Columns, we’re privileged to get to work alongside a handful of private equity-owned SMBs with provable results. For FlexXray, an industry-leading food inspection company, we stepped in to provide consistent tracking of in-bound leads and added contacts while also monitoring and tweaking pay-per-click campaigns to drive heightened results. This has added a level of visibility into execution and results, which is a principle demand for the way their business is structured.

We’ve supported another private equity-owned client, Onpoint Industrial Services, through a rebrand, merger and additional acquisitions helping to drive company growth through every phase. More recently, our team is working alongside Juxx through a product launch, demanding accountability to a broad and complex scope of work on our end. 

Private equity-owned companies are looking to rely on the help of results-driven marketing partners to push their brand to new investors and aid in the development of new business. Despite the high and urgent demand for visibility, accountability and metrics for private equity-owned companies, we’re proud to have a proven track record of success with these types of firms. 

Results-driven marketing is critical, regardless of whether your business is private equity-owned or operates internally. We’re proud to offer a full array of marketing services for every business, with a firm commitment to reaching and exceeding your goals. Contact us at [email protected] to get your business on the move towards the results you’ve been waiting for.

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