June 28, 2020 Joe Gastler

From Niche Unkown to Industrial Experts

Offshore oil and gas process which treat raw gas and condensate before sent to onshore refinery and petrochemical plant, Power and energy business.

The most common question we get as members of an agency team is, “who are your clients?”

It’s always a tough question to answer. We work with a wide variety of clients, from consumer-facing outdoor companies to highly specific and specialized business-facing clients. We’ve done work we’re proud of for all of them, but our experience serving industrial B2B clients stands out as an area of specialty for us. 

We have a stable of clients that serve specialized functions across a variety of industrial spaces, including:

FlexXray – an Arlington-based x-ray inspection company that inspects manufactured food for foreign contaminants like metal, glass, plastic and bone that can get missed in the high-speed manufacturing process of the 21st century.

Onpoint Industrial Services – a Houston-based oil & gas services company that provides training and services in the field of turnarounds for oil, gas and chemical refineries.

FlowBelow – an Austin-area aerodynamics company that creates aerodynamic products for tractor-trailers that helps increase fuel efficiency (and fuel savings) for some of the largest semi-truck fleets in North America.

And that’s just a few of the many industrial-aligned clients we serve.

There is a special challenge to serving such specialized clientele: their target market is also highly specific. We don’t have the option to use traditional marketing channels like TV, Radio, or Outdoor for clients. It’s also tough to use more commonplace digital marketing channels. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t hugely successful for connecting with customers in these niche spaces. There are no “influencers” to hire to talk about Aqualazing. 

We build market share for our industrial clients three ways:

  1. Focused implementation of inbound marketing best practices
  2. Discovery and development of new marketing channels and opportunities 
  3. A commitment to generating marketing materials across all channels that reflects an in-depth understanding of the industry, need, and benefits to which we’re connecting customers

Inbound marketing can seem like “passive” marketing. It doesn’t reach out to customers with display ads. It doesn’t email customers that have never heard of your company. It doesn’t seek out customers actively. That’s a bad way to think about it. Inbound marketing implementation is about cutting the cleanest, simplest path through the jungle of SEO, website implementation, and customer-driven calls to action. We have yet to see a marketing ecosystem that doesn’t need help on this front.

Discovering new marketing channels cuts two ways. Sometimes you need an outside team with the diversity of experience to know what tools and channels are available to reach your customers, and how best to use them. Other times, you need a team with the hard skills to execute new marketing tactics that you can’t handle in-house.

Nothing makes me prouder to work for this company than when I see the depth that we go to in understanding what our clients do. We’ve replaced a lot of marketing agencies. We’ve seen the level of work that goes into content creation across websites, social media, SEO and more. On our team, you can find people who can talk about the techniques for cleaning an oil refinery, the machinery used to fabricate sheet metal, the equipment used to evaluate HVAC system health and the different use cases for hemp derivatives.

We’ve done this for dozens of clients, and our track record for helping move clients from seven-figure revenue to eight and nine-figure revenues speaks for itself. If you’d like to take your industrial application to the next level, get in touch with Four Columns today.

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