January 13, 2018 Morgan London

Four Columns Features – Doug Cofer

Every superhero has an origin story – a narrative that establishes context for the hero’s strength and superpowers. At Four Columns Marketing, we like to think of our team as our source of strength. With that in mind, we want to introduce you to the man who brought Four Columns into existence.

Doug Cofer, our Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist established Four Columns Marketing in 2007. Doug is a Baylor University MBA graduate who brings marketing, sales and executive management experience to Four Columns.

With Waco now holding the #2 tourist destination on the rise in the United States, our city is a growing hotspot for innovative businesses. The combination of Doug’s passion for Waco and results-driven strategy has positioned Four Columns as the ideal partner for both startups and well established companies.

Doug, what makes Four Columns stand out from other marketing firms in the area?

“In terms of our immediate area, Four Columns is the only full-service marketing agency in Waco. In other words, we are a strategy/results based firm that provides marketing services across every discipline of marketing from websites to design to video to social media to SEO to PR to advertising and so on.

What sets us apart from other agencies in Texas and beyond is our experience in specific verticals such as industrial, B2B, automotive, tourism, education and non-profit along with our proven track record in branding, digital and holistic marketing management.

We provide medium sized companies with the best-in-class marketing services they need at a fraction of what it would cost to staff an entire marketing department. And, we have generated the results our clients needed in order to grow.”

What led you to establishing Four Columns?

“Well, I founded Four Columns when I moved back to Waco in 2007. For three years I lived in Angel Fire, New Mexico and worked at the resort there in group and conference sales. While there I started helping out with graphic design production and management of their various websites. My background in marketing was helpful as well so when my family and I moved back to Waco, they asked me to continue working for the resort remotely. I started Four Columns and began taking on additional clients beginning from a marketing strategy perspective.”

What is your favorite aspect of Waco?

“My parents met while students at Baylor and we’ve been coming to Waco my entire life. When they retired they moved to Waco to be close to their grandkids. We have season tickets together for Baylor football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and softball. My wife Christine also graduated from Baylor, so there’s a lot of green and gold in our family. Beyond Baylor, Waco is a great place to live, raise a family and work. It’s big enough, but not too big and it’s close to DFW, Austin and not far from Houston and San Antonio. I am thrilled to see the incredible momentum Waco has going right now and to be a part of that is fantastic!”

We’re excited to introduce you to the rest of our team of superheroes. We’ll be back next month with another look inside Four Columns.

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