April 17, 2019 Doug Cofer

Best Ad I Saw Today: “This Bud’s for 3”

At the American Airlines Stadium on April 9, Budweiser premiered their touching advertisement entitled “This Bud’s for 3,” a tribute to Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat #3) and his final home game. During Wade’s final NBA season, he decided to swap jerseys with opposing players who were friends, former teammates or had made an impact on him throughout his career. Budweiser decided to add a few more swaps to his lineup.

They brought in five people whose lives had been touched by Wade’s natural generosity. They brought in the sister of a Parkland shooting victim, two recipients of a scholarship Wade provided, a mother who lost her home 10 days before Christmas and Wade’s own mother who he helped transform her life from addict to church pastor.

In the commercial, viewers hear a bit about each of their stories and how Wade’s character made a complete difference in their lives. They all bring their own version of a “jersey” to swap with Wade, commemorating much more than his final season.

You don’t have to be a basketball fan or Wade’s biggest supporter to understand that not only has he had a great career, but he cares about people and giving back. Budweiser wanted to help pay it forward and show Wade that people consistently notice and appreciate his kindness. These five heartwarming additions to his wall of jerseys will honor his final season and his entire career, including the lives he touched on and off the court.

So, grab some tissues and click here to watch the best ad we’ve seen today!

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