July 12, 2019 Morgan London

AI Marketing

Human connection, empathy and storytelling––that’s what makes a good marketer, great. But, in the industry today, a new question is posed: Can a robot be a great marketer?

According to Forbes, Artificial Intelligence Marketing is transforming the digital marketing world as we know it. 

At its core, AI can perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, removing the possibility of human error. AI marketing leverages technology to improve the customer journey by utilizing data and learning to gain insight into return on investments. 

At the basic level, AI is able to generate content based specifically off of data. For now, humans have an upper-hand against Artificial Intelligence in this realm. Without the technology to recognize human reactions or emotions quite yet, AI falls short in understanding the personal relationships between clients and agency. 

Artificial Intelligence possesses the potential to reshape the way advertisers reach their audiences. With AI’s understanding of big data, advertisers are able to give the right people advertisements pertaining to their interests, strictly based on analytics. 

Another leg-up AI gives businesses is the implementation of Chatbots. Customers can have many questions and businesses usually lack the time and resources to answer all inquiries in a timely manner. With AI Chatbots, customers’ FAQs are solved almost instantly. Although AI proves more efficient in responsiveness, human interaction will always prevail in problem-solving and comprehension.

It’s not a shock that we will continue to see heavier use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing strategies. But, humans need other humans, it’s a tale as old as time. Here at Four Columns, we won’t let AI take the place of good, hearty human interaction. We promise!

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