December 27, 2016 Morgan London

2016 Wrap Up!

2016 kept us BUSY! Some weeks we felt like we would never leave the office again– it’s a good thing we like where we work! To tell you all that this past year held would run this word count up into the thousands, and let’s be honest you’d rather hear the highlight reel, right? So here it is:

In 2016 we posted over 900 social media post, wrote over 150 blog posts, built 15 fully custom websites, shot too many photos to count and consumed enough coffee to power a small country.

We diversified our portfolio and broke into the retail, restaurant, automotive, real estate and health industries with just a few of our new clients: The Findery, 135 Prime, John McClaren Chevrolet, HARRELL Real Estate Group, Snowshoe Mountain Homes, Southlake Medical, and Brazos Family Dentistry. Our work with these new clients brought us new and exciting challenges, such as…

Planning and executing our first large-scale promotional event– The {Ware} House Party was a hit and will be sure to be an annual staple for The Findery. We also completed our first on-field activation at a sporting event– John McClaren Chevrolet won the hearts of crowds during their “Find New Roads Race”, where kiddos raced down Baylor’s touch down alley in mini Silverados.

Our Web and Communications department rose to new challenges too– they built out our first e-commerce website for The Findery’s online store. This was no small feat. Whole days were spent combing through shipping options, site responsiveness, and breaking into the female psyche to design a flawless user interface. Not to mention the countless hours spent shooting engaging product photos and crafting product descriptions that had us wanting to buy everything in store.

2016 had us wearing our heart on our sleeve and showing our local pride too. We were proud to work with local non-profit, The Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market and our own city’s, Downtown Waco, initiative. These two are movers and shakers in our community and to be tasked with putting their mission into a beautiful and informative new website was a challenge we were glad to meet.

With the year boiling down to a handful of hours, we are still catching our breath but, we can’t lie, we can’t wait to jump into 2017 and all that it holds for Four Columns. We expect that it will take us to new heights and even more cups of coffee, so if you need us, you know where to find us!

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