March 28, 2020 Doug Cofer

How Your Company Can Overcome COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation, its impacts on businesses both large and small remain relentless. Four Columns works with numerous businesses in varying industries and has already witnessed these effects on our clients firsthand. Trade shows and conferences have been canceled and travel is restricted––meaning salespeople can’t get out to land new business. But, that doesn’t mean your company just stops. You still need to drive revenue to weather the COVID-19 storm. 

First and foremost, we want to communicate our dedication to our employees and clients. We’re standing firm to navigate this situation not only for ourselves but also for those companies with whom we work closely. That’s why, as you’ll see below, we are offering a free strategy consultation for any business. If we can help with an idea or a way to pivot your team that gets you through this, we will do it.

We understand that innovation, flexibility and quick thinking are a must in the face of such unusual circumstances. Our team at 4C has the resources to provide support during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding how your company can strategically and tactically maneuver is the first step to overcoming COVID-19’s effect. We’re serving impacted businesses through free strategy sessions to guide business owners. If your business would benefit from a free strategy session to help you navigate this crisis, please contact us at 844-368-7265.

While day-to-day operations for many businesses have been suspended and others have been forced to adopt new processes, there are strategies and tactics available to assist businesses in overcoming the economic impact of COVID-19.

Strategy Consultation

Navigating the next steps in a strategic and cognizant way is essential. The majority of people facing difficulties are not quite sure what to expect in the coming days. The key to keeping your doors open and your business alive is a comprehensive and evolving view of all relevant factors. Again, we’re offering free strategy sessions to help any business that would benefit from an objective and experienced viewpoint during this crisis. Let’s find ways to help you combat the impact of COVID-19 on your business.

Digital Marketing

Quarantine = increased use of digital channels. With companies mandating work from home policies, and cities closing restaurants, bars, theaters and gyms, people are turning to their digital resources as a means to survive social isolation. Many companies are getting ahead of the curve with social media marketing and advertising, content and email marketing, search engine marketing and video production. Let’s talk about how this makes sense for your company.

Crisis Communication

If not done already, releasing a statement both internally and externally regarding your company’s stance and adjusted procedures in light of COVID-19 is a must. Keeping customers, vendors and employees aware of your commitment to them demonstrates transparency and perseverance as a company. 


While many face-to-face events such as trade shows and conferences have been canceled or postponed, it’s relevant to seek out other resources and methods. Webinars are a great tactic to not miss out on all the time and money invested for event preparation. Webinars allow for presentations, lectures, workshops and seminars to be held virtually, with the option for interactive elements such as discussing information with an online attendee in real-time.

Website Enhancements

Chances are customers and potential customers are visiting your website now more than ever to gain information on your response to COVID-19, see if your in-store products are available online or if your business is running as normal. Implementing website enhancements like pop-up messaging, e-commerce platforms, more potent calls to action and newsletter sign-ups will prove to be greatly beneficial as people rely on digital resources to gain information about your business.

Leveraging Technology

We live in a world with incredibly advanced technology. If companies can continue to function with employees working from home, then you most likely have the technological capabilities to push your business forward during this time. All you need are the minds to innovate and execute a solution unique to your business and challenge.

With all the fear that continues to circulate during this pandemic, Four Columns, along with many other businesses, is set on remaining united and persevering through the storm. For more information, you can connect with me by emailing [email protected] or calling 844-368-7265 extension 700.

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