March 22, 2020 Jessica Cervantez

Changing the Game of Life Insurance with Texas Life

One interesting and oftentimes complex part of our job is strategizing new ways for our clients to communicate with their audiences. A project that fits perfectly into that category is a recent presentation we created for Texas Life Insurance Company inspired by the classic board game, The Game of Life. 

The goal of their presentation in this format was to simplify the complicated process of life insurance through the use of visual storytelling. Many consumers do not understand the differences between various types of life insurance and how those needs change as life circumstances shift. The Game of Life was the perfect analogy to communicate life insurance needs in each stage of life. 

Our design of the presentation incorporated classic elements from the game board, combined with the color palette and elements of Texas Life’s brand aesthetic. We focused on paying homage to the classic game board while telling the story of a customer traveling through different stages of life, and what life insurance needs may arise. The result was a product both our team and our client loved––a highly engaging, visually interesting tool effectively explaining life insurance in a lighthearted and creative manner.

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