December 8, 2018 Doug Cofer

Best Ad I Saw Today: Bergdorf Goodman Window Displays

Advertising comes in many forms from traditional print, radio and television to newer digital mediums. It also includes outdoor signage of many types-including window displays. Christmas time in New York City is the creme de la creme of window displays.

As a marketer I feel like I’m pretty familiar with a ton of brands across a wide array of products and services. Admittedly, I’m a NYC newbie as this was our second trip to the city. We had originally planned this trip for last year between Christmas and New Year’s. That trip got canceled though thanks to a severe winter storm that hit the northeast. Remember the whole “winter cyclone” thing that dropped feet of snow with 60 mph winds?! It was intense and we were happy to not be stuck in it.

Our goal was to hit New York during the Christmas season, so we rescheduled for early December. We spent part of the afternoon on Saturday at Rockefeller Center to see the tree, did some shopping and then headed to Central Park for a carriage ride (which was fantastic by the way – very cold but worth it).

Afterwards we walked around the park and watched people ice skate. The hot chocolate at the ice skating rink was amazing. We decided to head back down 5th Avenue to Rockefeller since it was getting dark.

On the way we passed Bergdorf Goodman, which I had not heard of. Turns out if Macy’s, Sax Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom’s are high-end retail, this Bergdorf Goodman place is the next level up. The store was opulence personified, in every possible way including the Christmas decorations and especially the $60,000 purses, $25,000 dresses, etc. I tried not to touch anything.

But, the payoff was without question their window displays which were unbelievable to say the least. Check out the photos below for yourself. I cannot begin to imagine the time and money that went into creating these masterpieces. Visually stunning to the point that many people were getting their photo taken in front of them.

Extremely well done Bergdorf Goodman! You’ve got the Best Ad I Saw Today.

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