MM: Kick Out The Fear of Failure; Kick Butt

I’ve always been someone afraid about the future; who worries about the outcome of my actions and the possible negative results. Don’t get me wrong, my worries never take control over my life or reduce my quality of living, but I’ve stayed up late many nights thinking about things I can’t control or influence anyways. […]

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Why Good Design Matters

In the hectic business world, the first thing business owners seem to compromise on is the time and money they invest into good design. But good design is more than just frills! Design should be an essential part of your business strategy, and if you are slacking in your design efforts, you might just be […]

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MM: You’re Going To Fail

I think one of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to realizing their dreams is that they are afraid to fail. Our culture has produced an ever increasing emotional predisposition to avoid failing at all costs. Failing at anything has been made equivalent to being a failure. Many people have come to view […]

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