Online Privacy Rules Are Changing

That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles When visiting most websites, you’ve likely encountered a tiny pop-up in the corner of your screen and quickly clicked “accept” to make it go away. But, what exactly are you accepting? Cookies! Named after the classic sweet treat you’re probably picturing as you read this, organizations have been using […]

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Social Media Giveaways: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

To Free Or Not To Free? The Usefulness Of Social Media Giveaways Statistics from January 2022 indicate that there are 3.96 billion users of social media across all platforms. With the world population sitting at 7.9 billion people, that means 50% of the globe is active on at least one social media platform. As the […]

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4C x The Super Bowl: Breaking Down the ‘22 Generational Shift

Another Super Bowl has come and gone, which is always a bittersweet time in the marketing world. The ad lineup for this year’s Super Bowl included some great and some not-so-great spots. Below, you’ll find the favorites from our team and what we liked about them. One thing we noticed as a team was that […]

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The Creative Marketing Agency That Gets You Results

Four Columns Marketing Provides Goal-Based Marketing Strategies to Optimize Profits