November 30, 2016 Morgan London

Our Top Three Holiday Commercial Picks and Why They Work

What type of commercial watcher are you? The “cryer”, who can’t make it through any sort of heart-felt short-film without a box of tissues? The “day made” watcher who sneaks in a commercial or two during the work day to lift their spirits? Or are you an “eye roller” who refuses to see the beauty in commercials and chalks up the good ones as “cheesy” (tisk, tisk).

Well don’t laugh, but we have an office full of “cryers” and commercial lovers. With the holiday commercials finally rolling out, we’re walking with a little more pep in our step– even if we may be carrying our own personal box of tissues. So we can’t help ourselves! As ad-lovers and marketing professionals, we have to show you our top three holiday commercial picks and share some insight into why they work.

Here they are:

1) H&M’s Come Together

2) Apple’s Frankie’s Holiday

3) Amazon’s A Priest and Imam Meet for a Cup of Tea

Now try and convince us that you made it through all three of those with dry eyes! Well, even though none of these commercials has a product they are obviously showcasing (We barely even see the iPhone in Apple’s ad!), they leave a lasting impression that the viewer takes with them. See, these companies get what drives advertising– connection.

Even though you don’t see H&M’s clothing on a hanger, or hear about a giant sale they are having, I bet the next time you walk by their store or you need to do some holiday shopping, that little Christmas- soirée is going to pop into your brain. Why? Because these companies are building their brands in the smartest possible way– around you, the consumer.

Apple, H&M, and Amazon may not be saying BUY OUR PRODUCT overtly, but they insidiously leave that thought in your mind because, after all, they care about the things you care about. Right? Take a closer look, all three of these commercials have a common theme. H&M Proclaims “Come Together”, Apple reminds us to “Open your Heart to Everyone”, and Amazon’s ad bridges the gap between two thought-to-be polar opposite religions.

Unity seems to be the message we need this Christmas season, and believe us, there was a lot of thought put into that messaging. But it isn’t surprising. Politics aside, 2016 has been a dividing year. So, if these few minutes of advertisement can erase some of the lines drawn in the sand, we’re all for it– and so are you! Because these ads work, and give us hope for a brighter, more unified and caring future.

So did we convert you, have you joined the “Cryer” club, or are you still rolling your eyes over there? Either way, you can’t deny these commercials are savvy and touch a common desire in each of us — unity.

But before we go, we want to know: Which commercial is your favorite? And what other commercials does our ad-junkie office need to watch?

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