Multi-touch Marketing: Part I

Diverse business team at meeting, discussing marketing strategy and working on gadgets, top view

No, it’s really not that simple. Marketing is diverse. Exceptionally diverse. In terms of the professional expertise, application of new technologies and necessary training, there are few fields growing as rapidly as marketing is today.  Martech tracks technologies available to marketers each year, and has been since around 2011. They put these companies into a […]

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Cut, Print, Check the Gate: Why Video Marketing?

Here’s the thing. If you are marketing your business at all, then you absolutely need to be thinking about utilizing video as a part of your marketing strategy. Cards on the table—I might be slightly biased because making videos for marketing is what I do. However, the good news is that you don’t have to rely […]

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Best Ad I Saw Today: “This Bud’s for 3”

At the American Airlines Stadium on April 9, Budweiser premiered their touching advertisement entitled “This Bud’s for 3,” a tribute to Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat #3) and his final home game. During Wade’s final NBA season, he decided to swap jerseys with opposing players who were friends, former teammates or had made an impact on […]

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