How to Pick Your Marketing Agency: Part Three

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Qualifications are Everything When choosing your marketing partner, it is absolutely imperative you do your research just like you would in the process of hiring an executive level employee. Throughout the pitching process, agencies will give you their top-tier, high-quality work, but it’s important to ask questions beyond their prepared deck to ensure the agency […]

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How to Pick Your Marketing Agency: Part Two

Rightsize Your Marketing Partner Every business needs marketing –– it’s a simple fact. When considering who to choose as your marketing partner, it’s critical to understand that not every marketing agency functions the same. From differences in size, approach and even personality or culture, the way an agency operates affects your relationship with them and, […]

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From Niche Unkown to Industrial Experts

Offshore oil and gas process which treat raw gas and condensate before sent to onshore refinery and petrochemical plant, Power and energy business.

The most common question we get as members of an agency team is, “who are your clients?” It’s always a tough question to answer. We work with a wide variety of clients, from consumer-facing outdoor companies to highly specific and specialized business-facing clients. We’ve done work we’re proud of for all of them, but our […]

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The Creative Marketing Agency That Gets You Results

Four Columns Marketing Provides Goal-Based Marketing Strategies to Optimize Profits