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Multi-touch Marketing: Part I

Diverse business team at meeting, discussing marketing strategy and working on gadgets, top view

No, it’s really not that simple. Marketing is diverse. Exceptionally diverse. In terms of the professional expertise, application of new technologies and necessary training, there are few fields growing as rapidly as marketing is today.  Martech tracks technologies available to marketers each year, and has been since around 2011. They put these companies into a […]

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Why We Partner with WP Engine

Developing programmer Team Development Website design and coding technologies working in software company office

As a developer, focusing on the build out of a project is challenging enough. Add to that, managing previous projects and keeping sites up-to-date, and your work day fills up rather quickly. Site downtime and the security of our web projects are one of the major concerns we face on a daily basis. Luckily, WP […]

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AI Marketing

Human connection, empathy and storytelling––that’s what makes a good marketer, great. But, in the industry today, a new question is posed: Can a robot be a great marketer? According to Forbes, Artificial Intelligence Marketing is transforming the digital marketing world as we know it.  At its core, AI can perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, […]

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