Marketing Myth: SEO Is Just About Google Results…

Although improving your SEO will definitely land you higher up on the Google search results list, it’s so much more than experimenting with key words and tags. Improving your SEO requires effort, but the pay off is definitely worth your time. Consider the following analogy: Say you’re walking down the street and an attractive man […]

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Website ROI starts with SEO done right

When it comes to choosing a marketing agency to build your next website, one of the most important things you should be asking is whether they can help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Everyone wants their website to be effective and result in positive outcomes for their business. Ideally, your […]

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Websites: You get what you pay for

One thing we see pretty regularly is people trying to get a website done with as little investment as possible. And that’s fine. Certainly, many new businesses in the start-up phase have much higher priorities than their online presence. Most entrepreneurs are not so well funded that they are prepared to drop $5k or more […]

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The Creative Marketing Agency That Gets You Results

Four Columns Marketing Provides Goal-Based Marketing Strategies to Optimize Profits