Multi-touch Marketing: Part I

Diverse business team at meeting, discussing marketing strategy and working on gadgets, top view

No, it’s really not that simple. Marketing is diverse. Exceptionally diverse. In terms of the professional expertise, application of new technologies and necessary training, there are few fields growing as rapidly as marketing is today.  Martech tracks technologies available to marketers each year, and has been since around 2011. They put these companies into a […]

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The Glue Guys

If you watched much basketball during NCAA tournament season, you might’ve heard a broadcaster say something like “he’s one of their glue guys.” It’s a fun catchphrase to describe those players who bring a little something extra to the table: their teammates will rally around them, they’ll make the extra pass to find the open […]

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Why Your Billboards are Useless

Why your billboards are useless… without a real strategy In a day and age where the word “marketing” gets thrown around by just about everyone to mean just about anything, it’s important to understand what marketing really is and how it can help your business. At Four Columns, we know that providing effective marketing services […]

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