Those “Glad to see this year go away” Posts Drive Me Nuts

You’ve seen them before. It’s always this time of year as New Year’s Eve approaches. People posting on social media saying stuff like: “2019 was just the worst! Can’t wait for next year to be better!” or posts like “Got nothing but bad cards dealt to me this year. C’mon 2020, give me good things.” […]

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Best Ad I Saw Today: “This Bud’s for 3”

At the American Airlines Stadium on April 9, Budweiser premiered their touching advertisement entitled “This Bud’s for 3,” a tribute to Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat #3) and his final home game. During Wade’s final NBA season, he decided to swap jerseys with opposing players who were friends, former teammates or had made an impact on […]

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How Voice Technology Will Change Marketing

Shot of a young businessman using his cellphone while walking outside

As marketers, we are always looking ahead to anticipate trends in the marketplace. In today’s hyper-competitive economy, the ability to grab consumers’ attention is under constant attack. With the incessant barrage of emails, texts and social media noise, there’s no place to hide unless you unplug completely—the noise even comes home with us. What do […]

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